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Development of National Action Plans on Phytosanitary Implementing Measures to respond to Plant Health trade concerns in Kenya and Uganda

The overall objective of the mission was to evaluate the phytosanitary situation in each country, and to support the respective NPPOs to develop an action plan detailing the priority plant health measures required to address the EU non-compliances concerning plants and plant products exported to the EU.
We worked with the NPPO and other stakeholders (including the private sector companies or
associations) to identify potential causes of phytosanitary non-compliances in the different
Examine and revise the current procedures in place to control the incidence of harmful
organisms in specified crops, and the effectiveness (or any problems) associated with their implementation with particular attention to the case of dispatching official control procedures applicable to EU exports
Develop an action plan by and focus on the strengthening of the official control system.
Thank you. I hope your trip back to Europe was wonderful.
We appreciated your advice and hope to work with you again in future if we get opportunity. Esther Kimani, PhD,Ag. Managing Director, Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service