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Mongolia-Mid-Term Evaluation of the Animal Health & Livestock Marketing Project (AHLM)


Country: Mongolia

Value €: 66,000

Funding: EC / FWC Lot 1

Timescale: September 2010 – October 2010


Activities: – Analyze and comment on the project’s coherence with Mongolian government sector policy and priorities;

– Analyze the extent the program design addresses the needs at national and local level.

– Review and comment on the management system setup and operational structures of the Project at all levels, in order to provide an opinion on its efficiency and cost-effectiveness;

– Check the level of indicator achievements when available;

– Analyze possible constraints which could hinder the accomplishment of Project objectives and assess the interventions to tackle such constraints;

– Check the results of distribution process of equipment procured by the EC and its current use.

– Review the overall co-ordination and interactions among the various components;

– Evaluate the effectiveness of each Project component;

– Assess the cooperation among different stakeholders;

– Check the links established with other donors and ongoing programs and initiatives in Mongolia;

– Assess the impact of field activities and explore the possibility of the multiplication and replication to the non targeted Aimags;

– Assess the impact of different coponents of the project (policy, veterinary, marketing) so as well as of the equipment supplied;

– Evaluate the sustainability of the structures supported by the project;

– Assess the program arrangements and its ability to ensure long-term benefits;

– Assess