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Serbia-Preparation of a Dairy Sector Study for the IPARD Programme


Country: Serbia

Value €: 180,000

Funding: EC/FWC Lot 1

Tmescale: Feb 2010 – Nov 2010


Activities: The assignment produced a sector study report of the Dairy sector in Serbia in compliance with the general report outlinein ToR. The work was coordinated with the MAFWM and with the international consultant contracted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) to ensure that the output complied with requirements and standards of other sector studies launched by the MAFWM as part of IPARD preparations.
The experts used various data collection methods, including desk
research, field work (statistical analyses, stakeholder interviews, case
studies, SWOT analyses, stakeholder consultations) and reporting.
Stakeholder involvement was through seminars and workshops and the
issues of the study were discussed thoroughly with all relevant
stakeholders within the sector, and the contributions from the
stakeholders contributed to ownership and commitment providing
expectations of good results of the IPARD programme when